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The Use of
 Leaves  &  Love
to be
Healthier Together

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About Us

Leaves And Love

At Jon & Mandy's Quality Teas we pride ourselves on Leaves and Love.  For us they go hand and hand, just as we do. As we go along, our story will unfold. From coming back from what seemed like an inevitable demise, to how Jon & Mandy's started long before the company ever got off the ground.  ​Thank you for letting us in your homes, and we look forward to all the New Memories all of you will bring to us! 

Ready to Serve 


Yep Yep! Time to Celebrate those Wonderful people who have been Moms & Dads for us! 

Added Bouns: It is our Founder & Co-Owner

Jonathan's Birthday on May 4th!! 

We LOVE Celibrating with you! 

Mother's & Father's MAY Feature:

CBD Individule Teas and Gift Sets 10% OFF!  Help Mom & Dad get some Relief from our Joint Therapy Teas. ​ Don't forget to get a Steeper! 

(Steepers are only needed for our CBD Teas.)

Rooibos Chai Herbal Tea All Sizes

BOLD Tea for a BOLD Parents!  With each Satchet making 2-3 Flavor Filled Cups, you can be as Bold as you Feel! 

Plus, at 10% off, you can enjoy with a little extra money in your walet!

Gift Sets:

Our 3 Pack Tall Gift Sets, with 12 Flavorful Sachets of Loose Leaf GOODNESS are 15% off ALL of May!   ​

Thank you for being a part of Jon & Mandy's,