How we came about!

Jonathan & Amanda met when Amanda was in 6th Grade. Their lives would go different directions, but Would, eventually, lead back to each other. 

Many Years Later, they both struggled with Alcoholism. Jonathan had been hospitalized numerous times in a 2 year period. Needing blood transfusion, scans, no food or water by mouth, (NPO), for days at a time, highest rated antibiotics, IV, after IV. 

Liver Failure was put on the table in 2019 for Jonathan, with several, "You need to get your affairs in order" conversations. Amanda's weight was fluctuating drastically, and was in need of a blood transfusion. Having cirrhosis herself, she on her way to the same table Jonathan was sitting at if something didn't change. 

During these...trying times, the few things Jonathan could have was Tea & Faith! Who knew where this would lead?

While enjoying the break from a week stay at the hospital, one day Jonathan Looks up....and Giggles. Then says, "I drink so much of this stuff we should just invest in it...". A Light Bulb goes off! 

"Wait! I drink so much of this stuff We should Sell IT!" 

Amanda, thinking this was a joke, found herself in a conversation that would change the direction they were going. 

Jonathan looked all around the U.S.A. for Tea Blenders. Finding many Good ones, but he wanted Great! He found a selection that was put together, and ask Amanda, once again to try this new sample set. 

Amanda, (who Loves her Husband, & Coffee mind you), once again tried yet another series of Teas. The reaction was unexpected. Almost like the Mikey commercials but it was, "She likes it! She really Likes it!"

Jonathan and Amanda had almost no funding. The COVID issues shut their little town down. Leaving them with only unemployment to cover thier living expenses, along with Amanda's Mom's. They talked it over, Prayed over several days, and decided to use Jonathan's last 2 unemployment checks. They were small. He had became very ill, and had to stop working with little put into unemployment. This was a Risk! A BIG one!  

Jonathan & Amanda Stumbled away from Drinking September 16, 2018, and haven't looked back.

Jon & Mandy's Quality Teas Opened in October 2020, and started their journey of Leaves and Love.  

Putting their online Fledgling business on a brief hold, they relocated from California to Nebraska in need of medical care. (It is hard to find Specialists in the Redwoods. Bigfoot, probably. Specialists...not so much.)  

6 Boxes shipped, 2 backpacks & 2 suitcases packed, Dramamine in Hand for Amanda, and off they went on a continuous 48 hour trip across half this Beautiful Country. They only had a hotel to go to, but they had each other!

Now, with a place they call home,

Amanda is doing better as Jonathan has come out of Liver Failure, but has had a HARD FIGHT Back. Still Monitoring Everything. We're Happy to still have them with us. They have much more to do...

Welcome, to Jon & Mandy's Quality Teas.

Ready to Serve You with Leave and Love!