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At Jon & Mandy's Quality Tea we pride ourselves on Leaves and Love.  For us they go hand and hand, just as we do. As we go along, our story will unfold. From coming back from what seemed like an inevitable demise, to how Jon & Mandy's started long before the company ever got off the ground.  Thank you for letting us in your homes, and we look forward to all the New Memories all of you will bring to us! 

Specials & Features!

Enjoy Any Size of Lemon Lavender Green Tea for 10% off! 
Also, Try our "One Size for All" pack. Letting you
receive one of each size Tin of our beautiful Tea Tin. With 6 Eloquent flavors to choose from.  Mix & Match flavors. 
Also, introducing our New Hemp, CBD, private label, Loose-Leaf (no Sachets), High Strength Teas! 
One Caffeine-Free, & one with a Little Kick! 
Scroll down for our additional Gift when Pre-Ordering our from our HEMPTEA™ line.

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